Through vocational education and hands-on job training, we are educating our Veterans for a solid, successful, working future!!
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Helping Veterans Achieve
Giving a complete helping hand to those who risked their lives for us.
About Helping Veterans Achieve
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Helping Veterans Achieve was first conceived on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in May of 2014 as we watched veterans being shuffled through the system and put right back out on the streets after a brief stint in a housing project. No secured housing, education, mental health services, physical rehabilitation or back to work avenues were made available to them on a long term basis. We decided something needed to be done, so the idea of a more permanent solution was born. 

We have assembled a team with experience in all the different areas in which we have identified that our veterans need help. We have both mental health services and physical rehabilitation social workers, a teacher in the area of art and adaptive therapy, an instructor for the vocational training and return to work services and a real estate broker and agent team to help us get the buildings we need to do it all under one roof. The "one stop Veteran help shop".

We first provide our members with living facilities. Those that are able to work are placed in our vocational department to learn engineering, welding, mechanics, carpentry or home improvement and remodeling, then moved on to one of our in-house companies, automotive technology (auto repair and engine building) or our home improvement, general repair and remodeling company. (Both companies' profits are placed directly back into Helping Veterans Achieve in order to help us fund more programs for our members after the working members are paid their salary). The members work for this company to gain hands on experience before going out to get a permanent job. Once our members have found permanent employment, a new class is moved in and the process repeats itself.

Those members who cannot work for one reason or another may stay within our facilities and are placed in either our mental health wellness or physical rehabilitation programs and assigned a case manager. They are free to stay within our program for as long as we can continue to assist them.

We also offer leisure activities to help them remain active while being able to enjoy each day. These include but are not limited to; camping, hiking, fishing and boating trips, movie nights, golf outings, batting cage outings and attending sporting events. 

It is only through the charitable giving from people like you that this is made possible. All real estate, material goods and financial donations go directly to funding this endeavor. Through people like you, we can visualize an end to our Veterans' suffering on the streets. They risked their lives for us, now it's time to give a complete helping hand to those brave men and women to get them back on their feet.

HVA is currently in the process of acquiring abandoned properties and dilapidated buildings to convert into housing, training resources and wellness centers for our Veterans.

You may email us to receive a free copy of our Business Plan Overview, Bylaws, Declaration of Ethical and Financial Integrity, Helping Veterans Achieve Intake Guide, Helping Veterans Achieve's Rules & Regulations or Conflict of Interest. Please email your request to: