Through vocational education and hands-on job training, we are educating our Veterans for a solid, successful, working future!!
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Helping Veterans Achieve
Giving a complete helping hand to those who risked their lives for us.
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If you are a U.S. Military veteran or if you know of one who needs help, you ha€™ve come to the right place. At Helping Veterans Achieve we focus on the tools, knowledge and personal service needed to get our veterans back on their feet. For life.

According to the California Department of Veteran Affairs Report 2016, there are as many as 29,000 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles County alone. This is a huge disaster that requires a huge effort in order to correct it. We can all work together, correct this, and get our Veterans off the streets and into their own homes and jobs. Let's help make them feel like a part of our great society again.

Too much money is being spent by non-profit organizations on their own fund-raising parties, private jets, expensive hotels and luxury car rentals. What little money actually gets through to the Veterans only goes to temporary fixes, which results in our Veterans ending up right back on the streets with no employment after only a short amount of time. We need a PERMANENT fix...not a temporary one, and an organization willing to give EVERY penny to the Veterans who need it, rather than justifying reasons to line their own pockets and live lavishly at the cost of our Veterans. Helping Veterans Achieve has found a way to accomplish this. Please see our VOCATIONAL PROGRAM page to see how we are doing this!

Our Forgotten Heroes
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Let's take our Veterans from this... THIS!!!
HVA is currently in the process of acquiring abandoned properties and dilapidated buildings to convert into housing, training resources and wellness centers for our Veterans.

Donate just $5 to help a Veteran family in need and receive a FREE GIFT from Helping Veterans Achieve! Please see our DONATE PAGE for details!
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